We meet our designer Dadou in her office, all geeky in her Peter Pan collar shirt and high waisted designer jeans. She accepted to guide us through the manufacture’s stages of our Binocles.

We notice: photos, drawings of all kinds, calligraphy, patterns, different textures and others .. scattered everywhere on the desktop, on a large wooden plank and on the floor. `` This seems to be a bit of a chaos, but it is clear in my head; she says. One can say that I am well-organized in my mess’’. Umm .. are you understanding something? .. We do not.


We'll learn later that oll of this mess, when gradually implemented, will be called a theme board.; wich is the first step in the creation of our Binocles.

'' Each pair of glasses has his own soul, his own universe; she says, all passionate. Each Binocle is the result of a special atmosphere, a fine blend of vintage inspirations and current and future trends. A sort of fashionable nostalgia of Binocle’s heydays’’ ??

As and as she speaks, early drafts are shaping up from all that scribbles of hers, to be one of the styliest frame we’ve ever seen.That was magic.

'' Each frame follows its own path of creation. Sometimes I choose the acetate plate first, and it is this choice of material, color which will give rise to a particular style of Binocles .Other times it is just the opposite which is happening, I feel like going for this era or i’m in the mood for that golden-age .. and that will make that I want such pattern, such brilliance. It depends. ''


An appointment is caught between our designer and our model-maker to reach an agreement on the measurements.
'' There are some standards that must be observed for prescription eyeglasses, you know, like for bridge size … that I do not necessarily take into account. So, he is here to help me ensure the technical feasibility of the drawing; and I make sure my Binocles can keep the spirit and the style I want them to have '' ..

So if we do understand this correctly, one ensures practicality and comfort while the other ensures style.

Once they managed to work out a compromise that satisfy both of them, a technical drawing was born.. which gave rise to a template.

Big crush on our model-maker’s office: clean lines, simple minimalist style, a palette of naturel colors.. Everything is square, tidy. (The opposite of the baroque, a bit wacky style.. of this explosion of colors and objects of nonsense.. that is the office of our beloved designer. A word to the wise.)