For the inauguration ceremony the First Lady was dressed in a sky-blue cashmere jacket and mock turtleneck dress. Melania tried to accessorize the dress with matching her new eyeglasses but Donald think that no frames suits her perfectly.

All of it could have gone unnoticed if President Trump has kept his mouth shut.

On the following Video President Trump, trying to make a joke on his own manner ! And Melania was frowning, what is happening ?..


Many sites, blogs and facebook pages wonder what did Donald say to Melania ?  We have succeeded in having the information Exclusively !!

GUESS WHO AM I ?? Donald taunted.

Melanie Frowns !

PS to  Melania: America needs confident women.. Impose your style First Lady... Wear Binocle Factory Glasses'. We think the Proust model would be perfect for you.

Melania ! Blink twice if you really want them. We take care of the rest. #FreeMelania


By Binocle Factory

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