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A moment of silence please.. breathe.. enjoy fully this moment while discovering our Binocle collection of frames. 'Geek is the new chic', we're hearing everywhere.. Indeed. The fashion makers have never been so right, eyeglasses are the perfect accessory to spice-up your outfit in a classy way. It is what should perfectly complement your hipster style, or be the classy final touch to your classic one.

Such an 'accessoire de mode'.. Most of the time, people buy non-prescription eyeglasses, just to be trendy. 'cause People: Fashion isn't about sparkles anymore, sharpening your brain is the new trend.. Discreet geeky nerdy deep persons are the new Paris Hilton.. You are the new Paris Hilton.. It is your turn to shine.. And our Binocles will help you surf the geeky fashion wave.

15 Item(s)
15 Item(s)

So if you are here to correct your vision.. to protect your eyes from blue light.. or just to find the perfect way to let your personality come through.. your are at the right place. We will help you do it in the most trendy way. Our vintage-styled binocles are excatly what you need. You will notice that each pair of glasses has its own soul.. its own story.. its own personality. Whatever choice you will do, we guarantee you a unique pair of eyeglasses made with high-quality materials and designed for the best comfort of your eyes.

First time on our site? Having some concerns about shopping glasses online? Our 30-days no-question-asked return policy will help you decide. There is a very important thing to know 'though, we don't mess with your eyes. We only propose the best quality of lenses which will be edged and fitted in a reliable Lab.

And guess what, you can Try-on each frame without living home (or office :p) by simply turning-on your laptop camera or uploading your picture. It will help you choose a perfectly shaped eyeglasses or sunglasses to complement the characteristics of your face.

Feel this moment.. you are about to shop one of our rare hipster pairs of eyewear (prescription or even non-prescription eyeglasses) fitted with great lenses quality and this, without ruining yourself.. You will be sleeping like a baby tonight.

Indeed Binocle Factory eyeglasses are valuable and affordable so you can buy guilt-free eyeglasses. Either you need prescription eyeglasses or accessory frames, do not hesitate to choose one of our rare frames designed and sculpted just for you.

Oops, I almost forgot .. in the name of gender equality, most of our models are Unisex.