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WAGNER Eyeglasses

includes standard lenses


Once upon a time.. WAGNER

The Wagners.. these cultivated glasses known for their eclectic knowledge essentially in littérature and art. Well-born, they heritated their round shape from ‘binocle with temples’ the First in the 18th century. They have a high opinion of themselves, and for good reason; but one should not be fooled by their snobbish air, actually they have a golden heart. « Imagination creates reality » Richard Wagner.

Direcly propelled from the 60s, with a whole new squarred nose bridge, the Wagners in Black are winning hearts and minds. These glasses are distinguished, original and artistically intellectual; for those who dare.

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1 Review(s) for "WAGNER"

August 8, 2017 - 3:01 pm
Love my new glasses...glasses were as advertised ... Customer Service was excellent and glasses arrived on time and as promised.

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