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Do you love your children? We love them too and we have thought of them with this beautiful Junior collection for a super style 'just like the big ones' !! Beautiful pairs of Binocles, also made in premium materials, for beautiful little ones at the forefront of fashion. True to our reputation, we take very seriously your little bit of love’s eyes’ health and collaborate with one of the most famous laboratories in the optical field.

5 Item(s)
5 Item(s)

Did you know that it is never too late to make your little ones aware of the environment, with explanations and simple gestures that they can easily do in their daily lives . It can also be fun to explain to them that their glasses are biodegradable, and disintegrate once buried in the soil, eaten by tiny alive micro-organisms. This way, they contribute to reduce the plastic polluting the planet. Did you know that some of the junior models have exactly the same acetate color as the model in the Adult collection, enough to make beautiful parent-child pairs . Ah, when I think of the beautiful photos you will do with your mini-You !!