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With only a small yearly fee, you will Get High-Quality Glasses and Lenses with the same price that it cost us. The Membership applies to all our products: sunglasses, Digital protection glasses and prescription eyeglasses ( single vision and progressive lenses ). Imagine the savings you will make while having a better quality that you used to buy from your traditional optical store.

Welcome to our Nerdy Family ;p

Premium High-Quality
Glasses At Cost

We create glasses of unique Design from premium high-quality materials and offer them to our members with no mark-ups … At the price that it cost us.

Incredible Savings

magine the savings that you can do for you and your family thanks to your Membership! One Precription eyeglasses for you, sunglasses for your spouse, one frame with Digital Protection for your daughter, reading glasses for your mum … $$$ We did the math, and you can save At Least 900 CAD a year.

New Frames Every

- Our Designer promise at least 2 new models of frames (eyeglasses and sunglasses) every month.
- We also promise to keep proposing best new technologies for lenses.
- We are working on a new collection for kids, and we will soon propose contact lenses.