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SAND Sunglasses

includes standard lenses

Auburn Tortoise

Once upon a time.. SAND

So discreet in all matters these Sands, so introverted and austere, that no one could’ve had a doubt of their open-minded thoughts and pioneering ideas. Yet, you’d be surprised by their ..mmm let’s say..twisted personality. I suspect some vagabond blood in their acetate. So why don’t you let them show you more.. « Try to keep your soul young and quivering right up to old age. » George Sand.

Our Sand are Vintage-Styled, we find ourselves back in the 60s /70s of Men's Sunglasses Collection, that we adapted a bit to Today's trends. We made it unisex, in name of gender equality. These glasses dressed-up in Auburn Tortoise acetate just for you.

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30 DAYS GUARANTEE: We have a 30-DAYS, No-Questions-Asked Return Policy for all our frames
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1 Review(s) for "SAND"

August 8, 2017 - 11:27 am
I absolutely love my new Sand sunglasses. They look fabulous and they are so light you don't even feel like you're wearing any sunglasses. This is a great look for anyone and I would highly recommend them. I love mine so much I even bought a second pair!

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