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The Binocle-Factory Opportunity
Becoming a Binocle-Factory Ambassador is a golden opportunity for those who want to take back control of their lives, make money, have a positive impact on others and the environment, while having a lot of Fun. Oh yes, and all this at your own pace. This is the Binocle-Factory Opportunity and more. It is this freedom to realize your dreams while having the time to enjoy life to the fullest. You are not on this page by chance, your moment is finally here, seize it !
TurnKey Solution
You’ve always wanted to work on your own and you never knew where to start? Binocle-Factory offers you a TurnKey Solution: enjoy many benefits to start your business on the right foot:
1- An industry of more than 40 billion dollars (in North America alone);
2- Ecological Products, Excellent Quality and Unique Design;
3- A well-developed and easy-to-use web platform;
4- Customers all around you to get started. How many people do you know around you wearing prescription glasses, sunglasses or needing anti-blue light glasses?
Follow-up and Support to lead you to success:
What we do not tell you about an Entrepreneur's path is that it is full of pitfalls. An Entrepreneur faces a lot of No before hearing a Yes. It requires nerves of steel and self-confidence foolproof. Not obvious einh? That's why Binocle-Factory accompanies you in this entrepreneurial adventure by providing you with the follow-up, support and coaching you need to surpass yourself, reach your goals and exceed them. After all, your success is ours. At Binocle-Factory, we are a family that works together towards success.