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1. Quality :

Binocle-Factory products are first and foremost premium products, made with premium materials, the best in the optical market: Italian Cellulose Acetate and Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel. It should also be noted that we collaborate with the best optical laboratories for our lenses.

2. Products in total respect for Nature :

2.1 : The Cellulose Acetate we use for the manufacture of our Binocles, being essentially a natural polymer, is therefore biodegradable. It is composed mainly of Wood (wood waste) but also of Cotton. The cotton comes from cotton textile wastes which makes our material partly recycled.

2.2 : The stainless steel we use is made from remelted and recycled metal scrap. It is also 100% recyclable to infinity.

Personal development is one of the most important axes in our company.

Because we believe hard that every one of us is capable of doing Big if he thinks Big, Because our limits exist only in our minds, Because a Positive Mindset only brings back Positive results,


Binocle-Factory will provide the necessary coaching to help you reach your full potential, become a better version of yourself and finally achieve the Success You deserve.

And this with the help of our Personal Development Coach who, thanks to concrete methods and winning strategies, will help you Plan your Success, Visualize and Realize it.

Binocle-Factory is a company that tends to be eco-friendly from start to finish. And this, through its products with low environmental impact as biodegradable, recyclable and mostly from recycled materials. Binocle-Factory, in its quest for a better ecological footprint, is not limited to products that respect nature, but tries to integrate an eco-responsible and socially responsible behavior in its daily life; and this, by using digitization, adopting energy eco-gestures (optimization of heating, air conditioning, lighting, printing on paper, etc.), investing in eco-designed materials, encouraging teleworking and other small, more or less simple actions that, we believe, will make a difference.

Binocle-Factory plans to go one step further, encouraging its Ambassadors and Customers to adopt a greener way of life by offering information sessions and small training sessions on sustainable development and on how to integrate more eco-responsible behavior into his daily life. Succeed to Serve being our motto, Binocle-Factory is committed to try to make the world a better place by having a positive impact on people and on the environment.