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We characterize ourselves as eyewear Artisans, or even best, we are eyewear Artists. As passionate as we are for this accessory which is after all a real part of your identity, we sat ourselves the goal of creating that unique Binocle that will suit you the most. Will you recognize yourself in our serious rectangular Hemingways, in our round great-grandfather's revisited Wagners or in our elegant and sophisticated Proust, we have no doubt you will find the One that will be made just for you.

 Once Upon A Time, in that little condo in Vancouver City, nothing too pretentious, all cosy and warm, were born our first drafts of glasses. As we know Brands' ones too expensive and a little too 'déjà vu', we thought of creating our Binocles just for you, unique trendy handmade Binocles at a rock-bottom price. Than it will be possible for you to shift glasses at a whim.. without feeling guilty; why not! Think of your glasses as an outfit that you will choose according to your daily mood. We believe that this little adventure of buying our Binocles should be simple and funny, letting you go with full hearts.. and bellies. :p

Those rare pieces that give style to the ones who are wearing them are handmade with love. Our artist Dadou meet up every day with her papers and crayons to create those Binocles sketches based on our ancestors' models combining them with actual trends. After that, our model maker will make the design of the frame on paper then in a scale-model; this will be used as a basis for the manufacture of the templates. And then will arise our Binocles, conceived as jewels, between the capable and delicate hands of our favourite craftsman and the old machines he uses.