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..That feeling of  warm sun on your face..  sand tickling your feet..calm seas, light airs.. that low easterly swell playing with your damp, a bit tangled ,hair..  Summer is here.. pack-up your sassy little straw fedora hat, your vintage-styled swimsuit, your sunscreen lotion.. and pick-up one of our last-trend hipster Binocles to complete the look. And here is you, ready for summer adventure.

You are more like ''living life outside walls by all seasons'' kind of person? Well, do not forget to take all the safety measures in order to get the most of your every moment. So be sure to pack sunscreen lotion and sunglasses. Sun creams are not necessarily our speciality but one thing is certain:  You can count on Binocles' team in term of sunglasses (trendy frames and high-qualtiy lenses).


8 Item(s)
8 Item(s)

Protecting your eyes from the sun UV-rays is important anywhere in the world, at anytime of the year; as UV exposure can lead to cataracts, retina damage, and other long-term eye problems and vision loss. Our excellent and skilled team is here to make sure you have the best quality of sunglass' lenses in order to protect your eyes efficiently. You will find here what you are looking for in the highest quality of sunglass' lenses: from light adjusting (photochromic or transition) lenses to basic tinted ones.. mirrored, gradient, or polarized ones.

Not a big fan of online shopping, hein? Our Tech' team makes it its priority to guarantee you an easy joyful fun shopping experiment on our website.

And big news People: you don't have to ruin yourself to look glamorous anymore. We offer you the finest handmade quality at affordable prices.

Also, you may have to change your sunglasses more often; recent studies showing that UV protection may deteriorate by time. Binocle is the fun way to do it guilt-free due to its excellent quality-price ration.

A bit lost??.. Let us recap: our Binocle Sunglasses are easy to shop in some clicks, make you look awesome (in the hipster awesome way), protect your eyes in the most efficient way and let you go with full hearts.. and bellies.