If you’ve never had an eye problem, you probably don’t give considerable thought to your eyesight. And you may not be conscious of the changes that come about as you grow old, several of which can intensely lead to blindness or distress the way you perceive.
But the good thing is you can protect your vision and prevent eye problems in future. How? Through small protective measures like using digital eye wear protection, eating nutritious foods, and wearing sunglasses.
To help you protect your vision here are the five facts that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Smoking can cause vision problems in the future

Did you know that when you smoke the cyanide from the cigarette will run into your bloodstream and sad to say it will damage your eye cells? Yes, it is true. Smoking increases dry eye problems and can develop cataracts. Furthermore, the risk of having a macular degeneration is higher. That’s why if I were you I will quit smoking because this eye disease is incurable.

2. You can preserve your vision’s healthy condition by protecting them from the sun

Sunglasses and sunscreen are the two most popular things that you can use in order to protect your eyes from the sun. Actually the skin nearby your eyes is considered as the thinnest part of your body and it is susceptible to UV rays. So if they’re exposed to direct sunlight or harmful ultraviolet rays, there is a chance that melanoma and carcinoma which is types of skin cancer will form into your eyelids and can cause major injury to your eye structure.

3. Staying in front of a computer for long hours can lead to dry eyes

Watery and tired eyes are the most common signs of dry eyes. Your eyes become watery because the breakdown of mucous and oily layers takes place especially when your eyes exposed to too much radiation. But sometimes a dry eye can be triggered by:
• Inflammation
• Hormonal changes because of aging
• Certain medications like antidepressants
Nonetheless, dry eyes can be prevented using a warm heating pad, digital eyewear protection or by simply trying the 20-20-20 rule. It means you need to remove your eyes from the computer for 20 minutes, focus on other things for 20 seconds and make sure that it is 20 feet away from you.

4. What you consume matters for your eye health

The number one and best way to protect your eyes is by watching the foods you are eating. What I mean is, make sure to eat nutritious foods like brightly-colored fruits and vegetables. As well as foods that are rich in omega-3 and vitamin C.

5. As you grow old cataracts are normal, yet it is curable

Adults who are already 60 years old are prone to cataract since it is part of aging process. But as I have said it is a curable eye problem and one of the most effective and prevalent treatments is by replacing the impaired eye lenses with a new one. Some of the symptoms of cataracts are double vision, reduced night vision, glare, faded colors, and blurred vision.


Not all of us are blessed with five senses, but if you’re blessed with five senses you should be thankful. But before I will end this article, I would like to ask you a question. Which one are you most scared of losing? Probably you will choose the sense of sight. Eyes are very precious, if you’re scared of losing them, then you should take care and protect them all the time.
Nonetheless, it’s up to you if you’ll going to follow and believe the facts that were mentioned above because we are not obliging you to follow them. But we just like to remind you, that consulting your doctor and having a regular eye check is still the most important.

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