The concept of "Alternative Facts" used by Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway is considered as an important milestone, signalling the arrival of a new era in the US administration. In fact, incorrect information and falsehoods are now seen as an opinion, a point of view.

About Deadly terrorist attack at mosque leaves Canada and specifically Quebec shaken, Mr. Trump would certainly condemn this terrorist act and could give us his alternative "version".

Donald Trump and his team are likely to favor the thesis that the terrorists have this time chosen the wrong target.

Indeed, according to the Trump's logic, Muslims could not be victims of terrorism and therefore can only be those who commit such brutal crimes.

Thus, Trump could give a version that would look like this: The terrorists suffered from high myopia and did not wear their glasses at the time of the shooting that is why they have attacked themselves.

Kellyanne Conway could be ready to defend this version and could treat all those who claim the opposite as a handful of blinded ideologists who refused to recognise the reality or even of negationists.

PS: Our thoughts and prayers today go out to the families of those who died and those who were injured.
Vive le Canada Free, Tolerant and Multicultural !

Binocle Factory's Team