11.10Am : The face-to-face meeting between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the Oval Office begins. All Fingers Crossed.

First Topic on the Table:
-Mutual Economic Concerns (or how to renegotiate the NAFTA: “the single worst trade deal ever approved in this country.” in Trump’s words)
.. It rised tension.. Two parts started growling..

Wrong One, Let’s Move on. They Picked:
-Softwood Lumber: Former president Barack Obama told Canadians they had nothing to worry about the expired agreement.. well Trump isn’t Obama. The tone of the discussion in the Oval Office is becoming increasingly exacerbated.

We noticed: heavy sweating for President Trump, red chicks for Prime Minister Trudeau ( Trudeau is not the “sweaty” kind of guy ;)

The NAFTA’s matter was not satisfactory, but nor the Softwood’s was. It didn’t even break the tension.
Let’s pick another issue:

-Muslim Canadians turned away by U.S Guards. Awch.. Don’t touch that squirrel’s nuts, Trudeau. Trump starts seeing red: Muslims=Terrorists. They put their boxing gloves on.
Hmm .. Definitely not the Ideal One.
In the Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway, President Trump’s Conselor were doing her usual online shopping, in a forgotten corner of the office. She interrupted suddenly their meeting claiming an urgent matter to discuss.

“Are these fitting me well Mr.President? Or do you prefer these ones?”
In fact, she was trying online glasses and didn’t knew wich pair of Binocle to choose.

Trump thought it was so fun to try eyeglasses online, he invited Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do the same. And since it is a Canadian brand, they decided it is an important issue to discuss.. emm or to try.

These two spent the rest of their meetings trying-on some of Binocle-Factory’s models, sharing their love for Binocles, laughing. They had such a pleasant time, they decided to do as well with Yvanca Trump’s articles: handbags, heels, fur coats etc.
And That’s How Binocle-Factory secured peaceful and friendly relationships between the Canada and the USA.

© Binocle Factory