If there is a Trend that predominates in 2017 (and it looks set to continue in the future), it is the Unisex Trend. Whether it is in politics where equal opportunities for men and women are addressed in all debates, or in the work world where wage equality is constantly demanded, or even in fashion where several brands adopted the Androgynous Fashion (as the American brand Toogood, the Ungendered collection by Zara or the Tsukasa Mikami Autumn / Winter 2016 fashion show in Tokyo that was all the rage); You would soon have realized that the Unisex is in vogue today, or is it the New Gender, as we like to call it here.

Versatile to the possible and to the identity, the glasses (eyeglasses and sunglasses) can even be, in my opinion, the spearhead of this androgynous trend. It is the case with Binocle-Factory, a brand of glasses inspired by Vintage frames, which has established itself as a Unisex brand from its very early days, choosing the "no seasons, no gender" policy.

Supporting the existence of the 'neutral' gender, refusing the boundaries that separate the feminine from the masculine, it would rather believe in the identity of the person. Binocle-Factory proposes a collection with purified, minimalist lines of Vintage inspiration. Different shapes are offered for all shapes of faces, as well as different colors to go with all the dyed.

By Dadou
©Binocle Factory